Hailing from the fertile rock breeding ground of Milan, Italy, Atwood introduced themselves to the local scene with the release of their first single – Black Mirror, which was just the beginning of a storyline. Their debut EP, “at odds”, delivered in November 2018, has been defined as “a seamless blend of pop, alternative rock, synth and electronics and some post-hardcore influences flowing into one melting pot of sound”.

The band immediately started working up a strong following in Milan’s pop-punk, alternative scene, playing shows with icons such as Eyes Set to Kill and Lost. After winning Kleisma’s “Nuove prospettive” contest, in 2019, Atwood got the chance to play 1MNext final show in Rome. Atwood also won Bergamo summer contest at Rock in Rili Festival.

In October, Atwood released Dance in the sun, marking the beginning of a new approach to their songwriting and lyrical content: catchy, yet meaningful, poppy, yet well rounded. After making it to the final shows of Rock In Park Festival in Milan, they and later went on to play Drink’em All Festival, held by Diego Cavallotti of Lacuna Coil. On April 30th, the band released another single off the upcoming EP, called Ghost. The track masterfully merges modern pop ambiences with a melancholic, earworm-like pop punk chorus ready to get clubs jumping.

In October 2020, Ghost is aired on Radio ROKS’ “New Rock” (Ukraine), next to bands such as Armored Saint and Nothing But Thieves. With the following single, "Out of the blue", released on Nov 21st, 2020, Atwood delivered a more pop-focused approach to their usual electronic-rock sound, continuing the more mainstream sound they teased on "Dance in the sun". Atwood were one of the 10 finalists of Firestone’s Road to the main stage in 2021 with Out of the blue.

On April 3rd, 2021, Atwood released their 4th single - the track, called "So Bad", was played on MTV Italia for the whole month of July, as Atwood were selected as MTV New Generation Artist of the Month. On July 16, Atwood dropped their latest single, “Parallel Lines”, title track off their EP “Parallel Lines” released on July 26.

On April 8th, Atwood released their cover of Linkin Park's "Crawling", and also played a sold out show as opening act for Sonohra at Legend Club Milano.