AtWood's journey began in 2018 with the release of "Black Mirror" on 19 November, and then of their first EP, "at odds", on 27 November. The Italian band seeks to seamlessly blend alternative rock, synth, electronics and even post-hardcore influences in one melting pot of sound.They immediately started playing shows in the Milan and Bergamo area. In April 2019, they won Kleisma's "Nuove prospettive" contest, and made it to 1MNEXT finals in Rome. After that, they played right before Lost, the Italian icon of emo/pop-punk, for Emo Night Vol 2. They managed to be included in Emo night Vol 4 as well, supporting Eyes Set To Kill.The new single “Dance in the sun”, released on Oct 25, shows the band’s evolution towards a new sound.


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